Hey Victoria’s Secret, #addmetothelist of Perfect Bodies

King of Prussia Mall - Oct. 11, 2014

King of Prussia Mall – Oct. 11, 2014

It is 2014. We have the Dove campaign for Real Beauty. We have Aerie pledging to cut out Photoshop. Hell, even Special K has commercials about beauty in all sizes.

None of them are really believable – Aerie just uses young, blemish-free models and Special K’s point is still to get you to lose weight with their product.

But jeez, at least they’re trying.

Victoria’s Secret on the other hand appears to be completely stuck in the 90’s.

Photo credit: Miriam Ross

Photo credit: Miriam Ross

Vicky’s is blatantly sticking to their Photoshopped size 000 images of young women wearing elaborate hair extensions in every storefront across America, including their newest ad for their “Body by Victoria” line.

Now, look. The word body is in quotation marks. One could look at this ad and argue that they are not proclaiming these women have the perfect body.

But who are we kidding? Is that what you choose to see? Do you really stop and explain to your already confused brain that Vicky isn’t trying to body shame us, they’re just advertising a line they carry?

C’monnnnnn. Vicky. Join us in the 21st century, why don’t you?

Every body is perfect. Oh yea sister. Your body is like, so perfect. Every curve, every line, every scar, every crease, every layer, every roll, every freckle. The muscle that lies beneath and the skin that covers it all. It’s all perfecto. Do you believe me?

Whether you choose to shop at Victoria’s Secret or whether you choose to boycott it is not the real gamechanger here. The ultimate gamechanger here is truly accepting your body the way it is and actually believing that YOU have a perfect body.

The bodies in that modeled picture? Beautiful, right? If your body looks like this, beautiful. You are perfect. There’s nothing wrong with you. AND, if your body does not look like this, you’re also fucking beautiful. You are perfect. There’s nothing wrong with you. Your body is perfect.


So. Since Victoria’s Secret is advertising perfect bodies, I’m basically like, hey girl, add me to the list. My body is perfect, so let’s celebrate the perfectness together.

And I’m inviting you to join the celebration.


Join the perfect body celebration in three steps!

1) Click it! Get thee to a mall and take a picture with the “perfect” ladies in the Victoria’s Secret window.

OR if you’re not so lucky to have a mall nearby, (hey, in Hawai’i, we don’t have a Vicky’s on the Big Island – lucky I was visiting Pennsylvania this weekend for this photo!) just take a picture of your perfect body right where you’re standing right now!


2) Tag it! Check out this hashtag, are you ready? #addmetothelist

Whether you add the hashtag #addmetothelist to the actual picture (I mean, hello hours on picmonkey, amiright?) or you Tweet it*, be sure to tag your photo with #addmetothelist. Post it to my Facebook page for sharing purposes and follow me on Twitter to see tons of perfect bodies shared all week long. And of course, ALOHA INSTAGRAM! Get those perfect bodies up there!

*Dude, if you Tweet it, be sure to tag @VictoriasSecret in your tweet along with your picture and the #addmetothelist tag – that’s how we will grab their attention!

3) Embrace it! Sharing a picture on Facebook is one thing, but believing that your body really is perfect just the way it is, is really what this is all about. Embrace every inch of that perfect stature of yours and fall in love with the skin you’re in. Need a little help with that? Check out this right here for a boost that might change your life.

Invite your perfect-bodied friends to join the celebration as well, because their bodies and their friends’ bodies and their friends’ friends’ bodies should be on the list too!

I’ll be sharing and retweeting your perfection and your courage with my followers and if we all join up for this perfection celebration, maybe, just maybe, we’ll grab the attention of those Victoria’s Secret perfection-obsessors and let them know that the body love movement is happening and there’s more than one version of perfect.

Maybe we won’t see a size 22 (or I mean, hey, even a size 6 would be adding diversity at this point) models in the windows at a Vicky’s anytime soon, but I think it’s important for you to step up and own your perfection and let those guys know we are here and we are proud and body love isn’t going anywhere.

It’s 2014. There’s a whole new definition of perfect. Let’s show it. Are you with us?

#addmetothelist. Ready, set, GO!