Welcome to the archives! Below you’ll find every piece Amanda has ever written for Amanda Trusty Says.*

If you’ve visited the archives before, you’ll notice that we have a new look going on over here! Most titles have been changed to specify what the article is about. All of the original pieces are intact – you’ll just be able to find them more easily now!

**Amanda’s Huffington Post archive, featuring pieces that you won’t find here on this site, please click here. There, you’ll find pieces on dance instruction, body love, and more!

The Amanda Trusty Says (formerly known as Trust Me, I’ve Been There) archive:

  1. I’m Just A Size-10-Sometimes-Size-8-Used-To-Be-A-Size-4-Broadway-Baby – (the introduction, the birth, the very first post on Amanda Trusty Says)

  2. What Does Binge-Eating Disorder Really Look Like?

  3. Why Diets Don’t Work and Why It’s Not Your Fault

  4. On Dating and Dieting in Show Business

  5. How Dating a Gay Man Shaped My Twenties

  6. The Power of Friendship in Eating Disorder Awareness

  7. Empathy for the Men, the Skinny, and Those Who Need to Gain Weight

  8. Recovering from Binge-Eating Disorder in Hawaii

  9. 970582_734225704454_1990698080_n

    Discovering the Struggles in Recovery for Binge-Eating Disorder

  10. Namaste, Bitches: A Rookie’s Guide to Yoga: I know nothing about yoga, but it will change your life – this is a MUST-READ!

  11. How Volunteering Can Actually Change the World

  12. Feeling Feelings and Recovering from Addiction: What it’s like to feel when you no longer use substance, food, or addiction to numb – this is also a MUST-READ!

  13. How I Faced My Fears for Forty Days and Changed My Life

  14. An Emotional Letter to Every Man I Ever Dated: Living, learning, and letting go – the therapy of journaling!

  15. Falling Off the Wagon in Eating Disorder Recovery

  16. Using Mindful Eating in Eating Disorder Recovery

  17. Finding Forgiveness for Show Business in Eating Disorder Recovery

  18. Leaving Show Business in Manhattan to Recover in Hawaii: Perhaps the most important post of all – accepting that success is not what I once defined it as, and celebrating the next chapter of teaching dance in Hawaii!

  19. 6XoM5nULZgjrj_dc2Yrvrwtq5bBYZioAUEiW8kqcGE0,R-0fVMLtLxS_mqBv-K5UoxUpFZU-afzm6SZfuH424LM

    Roar: The viral Roar video and the explanation behind it

  20. The Response to Roar: Let’s Keep it Going (You can also find a version of this post featured on HuffPost Women here.)

  21. My RSVP To The Misery Party – For all of us in our twenties, and beyond, the title of this one explains it all.

  22. This Is Live Theatre, Baby – A message from my friend Ethan, who now resides in Heaven, about getting over the obsession with perfection and starting to live life for what it is right now.

  23. The New List: Re-creating the Media’s List of Do’s and Don’ts

  24. Surviving Is So 2013 – Bring on the Living, 2014 – Life isn’t perfect no matter where you live. Vision boarding helps lead us into the new year and we embrace the concept of “living” instead of simply “surviving.”

  25. Ten Ways I’ve Learned to Hawaii-ify My Life

  26. How I Learned To Go From Bitchy To Badass in 10 Minutes

  27. And You’re Gonna Hear “Us” Roar – the original post that started Roar 2 on it’s way.

  28. An Epic Interview That Will Change Your View On Fitness Instructors

  29. Humbled and Hopeful: I Need You – the second post that got Roar 2 moving into production.

  30. Advice for Actors: Adding Hawaiian Wisdom into Audition Season

  31. Advice for Actors: The Four Audition Agreements: In continuation of supporting audition season, I relate Don Miguel Ruiz’s The Four Agreements to the performing, artistic world.

  32. Finding Gratitude for all the Things That Got me to Rock Bottom

  33. I Didn’t Sign Up For No Husband: This particular post seemed to hit home with many women, who found the same newfound appreciation for their significant other after reading it, as I did one night when we were out to dinner. A version of this post can also be found on Huffington Post here.

  34. Dating a Woman with an Eating Disorder – What I’ve Learned: After writing about my own boyfriend in post 34, we turned the tables and he wrote about me – what it’s like to date someone recovering from an eating disorder:

  35. How I Found Inspiration from Within Myself

  36. Q5Ueq8W1bBRXSnpnx4pdvAumxBxG7tmPwADnht-ISQQ,qlZGwA-ZA40PWfYFTWWWxgdXOoiZs_QdB8j_BfPEwHc

  37. The Library That Saved My Life: My personal book list, and the reasons why you might find the same books I’ve read, extremely helpful in your own journey.

  38. This Is For Everyone. This Is Roar 2: The Celebration – The second Roar video is released and it’s filled with hope, love, and positivity along with over forty brave participants in their underwear and masking tape.

  39. There Is Always Something To Celebrate, Y’all : Continuing the celebration, this post highlights the good in this world. The powerful women who are making shit HAPPEN!

  40. It Starts With Us: Guest Blog for Jes Baker (of The Militant Baker)’s Body Love Conference: Speaking on the impressionable children of today and how by changing out own self-love regimen, we influence the next generation of mean girls.

  41. This Is Not What I’m Used To At All: Guest Blog for Charlotte Blake‘s “A Week of Self-Care”: Speaking on learning to take baby steps in my self-care regimen and how much my boring boyfriend taught me about it.

  42. Hawai’i Is Not A Third World Country, and other important facts

  43. An Open Letter To Everyone Who Has Ever Read This Blog:  The stress of it all gave me excema and I can’t meet the pressures of the body love movement so I’m gonna write about what I want from here on out.

  44. Restore Your Roar: a re-boot camp is Announced! Be sure to read this post before September 1st, 2014 to take advantage of the special Roar Rate for the very first Roar workshop being held in Hawaii next winter.

  45. 5 Negative Mantras to Cut out of our Lives Immediately

  46. How To Live Aloha In New York City

  47. A Real Guide on How To Deal with a Friend’s Eating Disorder: A very important post to raise awareness on how to keep friendship as strong and mighty as it was before the eating disorder, before the addiction, before the “coming out”, before it was all real and gross and honest and nitty and gritty and on the table for all to see.

  48. A Letter To The Daughter I May Never Have: Voicing the inner fears that most women are too scared to say aloud when it comes to bringing a child into this world. An honest and poetic letter to the child I already love but may never meet. Published by Scary Mommy on August 12th, 2014.

  49. If You Ask Me How I Feel, I Will Not Sugarcoat It: An interview with Robin Rice for the Stop The Beauty Madness campaign featured on HuffPost and Upworthy. Speaking for the struggles that performers face in show business when it comes to diet and body.

  50. Why It’s Okay To Mourn Robin Williams: In light of the tragic passing of Robin Williams, a piece encouraging us to celebrate the brilliant, colorful artist that he was. He wasn’t just any celebrity, he was inspiration and healing laughter for all of us.

  51. i have never been proud to be a woman. – Spending my whole life not aware that women are amazing, I write about coming into my feminine pride which is extremely powerful.

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