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Eating disorder resources, performing arts resources, fitness class suggestions, and fun boutiques to check out no matter what size you are!

Eating Disorder Resources:

Retreat Centers and Wellness Centers:

  • Kalani is the wellness center in Hawaii that Amanda has been volunteering at for the past three and a half months. They offer yoga, workshops, meditation, and adventure in the beautiful jungle. You can go as a guest or you can spend more time there as a volunteer. Please feel free to contact Amanda with any questions about Kalani.
  • Kripalu is a center for yoga and health in Massachusetts. Amanda discovered Kripalu through her therapy and ended up at Kalani instead, however has friends that have volunteered there that loved it.

Performing Resources:

  • Musical theatre accompanist and coach: I would only recommend the best. Email If his massive music library doesn’t impress you, then just wait until he plays piano and coaches you through a song at the same time with professional advice, humor, and warmth.
  • Audio Recording and Production: Kyle Seglin is the master artist who recorded and engineered the ROAR cover for Roar 2: The Celebration. he recorded my Christmas album in 2011 and has worked with artists of all genres. He is patient, kind, and extremely educated. he has his own studio in brooklyn, ny and he offers special discounts to my blog readers. go check him out and tell him that i sent you!

My Favorite Fitness (I know it can be overwhelming to try a new fitness class or trainer without knowing anything about it, so I’ve provided my favorites below if you’re up to trying something new!)

  • Two Words. Caitlin. Krause. She teaches an amazing Figure 4 barre class in NYC that will tone you up (and homegirl picks the BEST MUSIC) and she also teaches a fierce new pilates reformer class at SLT at their Soho and Midtown locations. Tell her that I sent you. She is the most positive, bright light with a killer sense of humor. She is not trying to kill you, she’s just trying to teach you how to take better care of yourself!
  • Free Yoga. Yea. I’m serious. Check out Yoga To The People for their class schedules in NYC, San Fran, Seattle, and Berkeley.
  • Check back for updates as this page develops!

Clothing, Jewelry, Lingerie, and Goodies for any size:

  • Bella’s Booty is an amazing array of jewelry, accessories, and clothing hand-picked from individual designers. My dear friend, LoriAnn, owns the boutique and has fabulous style!
  • Curvy Girl Lingerie is owned and operated by a beautiful woman named Chrystal Bougon and sells lingerie for women sizes 12 and up. Her online store is only the second store in the US to offer plus-sized lingerie, and her shop was featured on the The Bethanny Show recently.

This page is constantly improving! Check back often, and if you’d like to see your service or name on here, please contact me!

If you’re looking for book suggestions, click here.



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